About Us


US Glycerin is a Manufacturer, Distributor, and Retail Marketing Agency of Premium Glycerin for all of your needs. We are your One-Stop Resource for timely deliveries and exceptional Quality Product. Our Customer service department will always work to exceed your expectations in product and  pricing. No amount is too small or too large - We can do it!

Our Glycerin is manufactured from the finest Soy Bean materials available using the most modern equipment, technology, and methods as the state of the art allows assuring the highest purity to be found. Our commitment to Quality from batch to continuous stock meets and exceeds all Industry standards which means you can expect to always have the same consistency from load to load without worry.


We measure ourselves as the end user, and hold our manufacturing operations to the strictest levels of control. At US Glycerin, our vision and mission is to provide the highest purity Glycerin at the lowest prices for our Customers, while exceeding your service and shipping expectations .

Always in stock, Never Repackaged bulk from Third World sources like many distributors - Assuring you of the Freshest, Purest Glycerin without worry of atmospheric moisture absorption or contaminants straight from the manufacturer.

Have Technical Questions?  Please use the Contact Page to get in touch with one of our many Engineering and Technical staff or call (888) 509-5902